Gas pipeline in Egypt’s Arish bombed for the 14th time

A gas pipeline in Arish in Sinai peninsula of Egypt was bombed on Monday by gunmen for the 14th time since last February, a local security official source said.

The bombing occurred in the el-Midan region, 17 km southwest of downtown Arish. No casualties were reported in the explosion.

The blast caused little damage because no gas had been pumped through the pipeline since the last explosion on March 5.

Presently, there is no group claiming responsibility.

Egypt carried out an experimental pumping to Israel and Jordan in February after a disruption caused by several attacks on the pipeline, according to Xinhua.

The natural gas deal between Egypt and Israel was signed in 2005 at a price that critics said was far below the market value.

Prior to the repeated explosions of the pipeline, Egypt provided 80 percent of Jordan’s natural gas for power and about 40 percent of that of Israel for the same purpose.