Gulf Council investments in building materials hit $37bn in 2014- GOIC

The investments of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region in building materials sector reached US$37 billion in 2014, the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) announced Sunday.

The building material investments accounted for nearly 9.8% of the total accumulated funds invested in the manufacturing industries reaching around $380 billion, GOIC’s Secretary General Abdulaziz Al-Ageel told Oman News Agency.

He added that the number of GCC building material plants amounted to 2,858 in 2014, dominating roughly 17.5% of the total manufacturing plants that reached 16,292.

The number of workers in this industry amounted to nearly 259,400, or 17% of the total workers reaching around 1.5 million, Al-Ageel said.