Hackers attacks Tunisian Prime Minister’s Email

A group that claimed to be linked to hacker group Anonymous said it obtained over 2,700 emails belonging to Tunisia’s prime minister in protest against attacks on demonstrators.

“We have kept a large part of the Tunisian government’s data secret. If the government will not respect human rights and the freedom of expression in Tunisia, we will publish these secrets on the Internet,” a masked individual who claimed to be with the group said in web video posted on the Facebook page, Anonymous TN.

“We are trying to verify the authenticity of the news and the video and we will study the topic morally, and legally, and issue a statement tomorrow,” Ridha Kosdoghli, spokesman for Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, said, as Bloomberg stated.

The individual on the video said the hacking was a protest against the government’s failure to protect artists who were attacked by Salafis last month, as well as attacks by security forces on unemployed demonstrators over the weekend.