Hamdy Okasha: State Council protects the Revolution

In his speech today, Saturday, entitled “The Role of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the State council in protecting rights & Freedom”, Counselor Hamdy Yassin Okasha, Club-State Council Chairman, announced that he doesn’t accept any prejudice of the council; refusing all the allegations aim to reduce the council’s scopes for other judicial authorities.

During the conference, held in the club-state council, entitled “State Council and Supreme Constitutional Court facing Integrating and Disassembling Allegations”, Okasha said that the state council protected the Egyptian revolution and achieved victory for people’s will by its judicial sentences.

He affirmed that the council has a historic role in rooting rights and freedom case. Also it rooted what is called qualitative techniques such like laws for those who work in the state, the public sector, universities, Al-Azhar and the police as well any other authority in the state.