Housing Ministry Defines Conditions of Acquiring Military Units

The Ministry of Housing declared yesterday conditions required for acquiring the Armed Forces residential units that belong to the social housing project.

The number of residential units is 20,000, and they are located in the cities of Helwan and the Burj Al Arab, and it was declared –by Armed forces- that construction cost is 2 billion EGP and it was also announced that the armed forces present these units as a gift to the Egyptian people within the social housing project.

Dr. Mohammed Fathi ElBaradei -Housing Minister- said yesterday during his meeting with the Committee on Housing in Shura Council that the units of the armed forces have had different requirements other than the rest of conditions required for the units of the ministry in social housing project, noting that these conditions include that the applicant must read and write, and He should not have sons out of school.

He mentioned the need to raise children inside houses, in addition to the availability of social security for the residents, pointing also to the ban of selling these units, or delegating them in land registry.

On the other hand, Engineer Amin Abdel-Moneim -Vice President of Urban Communities Authority for the affairs of the cities development- said that the authority did not receive any written decisions from the minister till now regarding these conditions, explaining that the units of the social housing project that are built by the ministry will be better and bigger in the area of ​​space than the units of Armed forces cities, which will just be built over 79.9 meters net.

To be mentioned that the armed forces has promised to build 20,000 housing units to the Social Housing project, by constructing 2 residential cities holding the names of the “army” and “people”, the first of them in Helwan and includes 6,000 housing units, and armed forces will deliver it by the next October, and the second in Burj Al Arab, and it was mentioned that these units have an additional feature, which is the bigger area of ​​space more than units of the national project for housing which are based on an area of ​​89.8m net.