INTERVIEW: Kamelizer mulls investing in two Egyptian start-ups

Egypt-based investment firm, Kamelizer Angel Investment Fund is considering investing in two new start-ups, its CEO Hanan Abdel-Meguid said in a recent interview with Amwal Al Ghad.  Therefore, Kamelizer’s investment portfolio is expanded into four start-ups.

Hanan is working on developing the two projects her fund is investing in; namely ‘Iqraaly’ (Read Me) which is meant to turn books into audio content, and ‘Slicker’ which is an e-community for fashion retail.

Not so much was revealed about those two start-ups but she showed interest in a number of new applications especially phone apps.

In the meanwhile, Abdel-Meguid is working on adding more audio books to Iqraaly project in cooperation with book authors and publication houses. Those audio versions will have to be paid for to access once it is uploaded.

As for Slicker, she said that her crew interacts with top brand owners to obtain their consent to post their designs on e-stores with the same trademarks online.

Kamelizer, angel Investment fund, aims at boosting the quality of Egypt’s entrepreneurship scene and encouraging innovation aimed at increase the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen.
Kamelizer Invests in early stage companies focused on two industries the Sharing Economy and the Cloud services for SMB.

Abdel-Meguid founded several high-performing firms and used to work as CEO of the Cairo-based OTVentures, where she oversees 700 employees working in online and mobile technologies. She previously was chief solution officer at LINKdotNET, one of the largest Internet service providers in the region, and CEO of its spinoff software development outfit, LINK Development.