ISIS finance minister killed; says Pentagon

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A senior Islamic State leader was killed by U.S. forces this week, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced Friday.

At a news conference, Carter said U.S. forces had killed Haji Imam, describing him as the finance minister who was also involved in external affairs.

U.S.-led coalition forces killed a man believed to be a top finance official and senior leader within Islamic State. WSJ’s Jerry Seib joins Lee Hawkins to discuss the implications for the U.S.’s war against ISIS. Photo: State Department

Carter said Haj Imam oversaw funding for ISIS operations and the payments to fighters and recruits.

Carter refused to say whether Haj Imam was killed in an airstrike or a ground raid. He said providing any details of the operations could hinder the fight against ISIS.

“The momentum of this campaign is clearly on our side,” Carter said.

Source: MarketWatch