Italy cites lack of cooperation from Cambridge University on Regeni case

The University of Cambridge is not fully cooperating in the investigations into the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni, said Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi during high-level talks between him and British prime minister Theresa May.

Renzi told La Reppulica that he asked May to intervene and use her authority to demand that the university faculty assist Italian judicial authorities.

Renzi said in a press conference earlier last week that Cambridge’s lack of cooperation is “inexplicable”.  He repeated this in a statement to La Repubblica: “I don’t understand the reason professors at such a prestigious global university would think that Italy would accept their silence; to me it seems inexplicable.”

The British government has not said whether or not May will assist Renzi with his request, though a government spokesperson did say in a press statement that Britain would assist Italy in the case but further details were not provided.

Regeni disappeared on the fifth anniversary of 25 January Revolution in Egypt. His body was found the next month, dumped on the side of a road with signs of physical torture.

Relations between Egypt and Italy are fraught following Regeni’s death. Italy has accused Egypt of being less than cooperative in the investigations and not providing Italy with all its findings.

source: The Guardian