Kuwait eases Restrictions on Syrian Family Visas

Kuwait is reportedly easing restrictions on young Syrians joining their parents in the Gulf country.

A ban was imposed by Kuwait last year on tourism, visit and trade visas for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Authorities attributed the blanket visa ban to the “difficult security conditions in the six countries” and to “the remarkably increasing tendency of nationals from the six countries to apply for visas to bring into Kuwait relatives who faced or could face arrest by their local authorities.”

However, reports emerged in Kuwait that Syrians couples can bring in their daughters if they are under 15 years and their sons if they are less than 10 years old.

Applications will have however to be approved by high authorities, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Thursday.

Sources told the newspaper that the move to be implemented on Sunday aimed at “alleviating sufferings and pains by bringing family members together.”