Linkdotnet Launches “Compound” Services within 3 Months

Linkdotnet Company –Internet Service Provider- intends to activate the license of “Compound” alliance within the next 3 months, as the company foresees to launch this new service in two residential compounds.

Waseem Arsani – Link’s CEO- told Amwal Al Ghad that the alliance is working currently on finalizing the partners’ procedures of the agreement signing, and he declared that the projected investment cost of the project; reaches 20 million EGP.

Arsani said that “Compound” license includes serving voice, image, and data services in two residential compounds, and he refused to give the names of the real estate companies owning these compounds.

Link’s alliance includes “Link Egypt”, “Linkdotnet”, and “Wires Capital International”, and the states proportion of revenues reaches 8% of the total annual revenues of licensed companies, and the license duration is 15 renewable years.

To be mentioned that “Tele Tech” and “Vodafone International” have done in the last year an agreement with “Royaa” – real estate company-, as that agreement aimed at presenting compounds’ triple services “Triple Play” within Royaa’s compounds,  but this project has not been executed till now.