Mabany Edris develops 100 feddans for residential flagships in West Cairo

Egypt’s Mabany Edris says it has developed 100 faddans to execute a number of residential flagships in Sheikh Zayed, at the outskirts of Cairo, and Sixth of October cities as well as Cairo-Alexandria desert highway road.

Mabany Edris, which is a real estate developer firm, was founded 20 years ago. It has a strong foothold in the market with a strong portfolio that includes various residential, commercial, industrial, and medical projects.

Cairo-Alexandria desert road, which is 220km (136.7 miles) long, begins at Giza in the northwest corner of Cairo’s regional ring road and ends in Alexandria. It links between Cairo and Alexandria, the two largest cities in Egypt.

Mohamed Edris, Mabany’s Chief Executive and Managing Director, announced Thursday that the company’s affiliate achieved business volume of 500 million Egyptian pounds ($28.4 million) in the state’s construction field during 2017.

“The company (Mabany Edris) targets expansions in the local market within the next years,” Edris further told Amwal Al Ghad, adding that the real estate development sector is be one of the mega sectors within the current period.