Marseille Leads NILEX’s Downwards; April 9th

During Monday’s trading, NILEX’s listed shares have witnessed unsteady performance after trading in 9 securities in which 3 dipped, 3 rose and 3 kept their previous levels.

Leading NILEX’s Monday downwards, Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya For Holding Investment (MAAL.CA) sagged 4.94% to close at L.E 7.12 having volume of trades reached 53.460 securities worth L.E 380.635 thousand executed over 55 transactions.

AMICO Medical Industries went down 3.56% to close at L.E 13.54 having value traded worth L.E 40.629 thousand through volume reached 3.000 thousand securities executed over 8 transactions.

BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP) slumped 2.98% to close at L.E 3.91 having value traded worth L.E 123.466 thousand through volume reached 31.559 thousand securities executed over 22 transactions.

On the other hand, NILEX’s top gainers were Univert for Food Industries (UNFO), Port Saied for Agricultural Development & Construction (PSAD) and Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP).

UNFO jumped 3.36% to close at L.E 1.23. The value traded worth L.E 29.383 thousand distributed to 23.975 thousand securities executed over 8 transactions.

PSAD soars 2.22% to close at L.E 7.82 having the traded value reached L.E 67.995 thousand with a volume of trades reached 8.700 thousand securities executed over 12 transactions.

Additionally,  UTOP rose 0.74% to close at L.E 51.59 having traded value of L.E 84.042 thousand distributed to 1.629 thousand securities exectued over 16 transactions.

Keeping their previous levels, International Fertilizers and Chemicals (ICFC)closed at L.E 10.76, Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKHO) ended at L.E 1.06, and Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI) concluded at L.E 1.50.