Mechanization 70 Offices of “Land Registry” in August

The Ministries of Communications and Administrative Development will be finishing the Mechanization process of about 70 Land Registry offices for the month of August, in order to provide full documentation services via the Internet.

Engineer Ahmed Kamal -Project Manager of developing governmental institutions project, in the administrative development- said that 7 offices have been automated till now, and he mentioned that the project includes, pointing out that the project includes a full development of  judicial system, adding that the two ministries have ended the automation of the main office of forensic medicine, and the development also will be imposed on 5 other offices in order to cover 87% of Forensic Medicine offices, by the end of this year.

He said that at the level of prosecution; the project includes the development of Prosecutions of Alexandria, east, and south of Cairo.

And he added that all prosecution offices will be finished within the next 3 months, and he mentioned that the development of judicial system has achieved a reduction in time spent to raise cases for up to 11 minutes instead of 4 days.

The ministry was able also to mechanization 7 appeal courts of 8 courts, explaining that it is working on completing the appeal Prosecution by automating 3 Prosecutions, and it plans to complete 16 more prosecution by the beginning of 2013.