Microsoft to finalise Egypt supplies e-linking project in 12 months: minister

Microsoft is expected to complete the e-linking project for trading commodities in Egypt in 12 months, the country’s supply minister Kaled Hanafy said on Wednesday.

The e-linking connects Egyptian Food Industries Holding Company (FHIC), supply stores, wholesale companies, and consumer complex companies in a unified electronic network.

Hanafi clarified project’s trial had been successfully completed 30 percent before deadlines.  Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad, Hanafy previously stated that by the deal, Microsoft is to link electronically around 500 wholesale outlets affiliated to the ministry as well as 40,000 retail outlets with all suppliers.

The new system is set to enable the ministry to monitor commodities and trading movement in all governorates. It will also enable the government to make suitable decisions to provide governorates spontaneously with commodities that they need. It will also give codes to each item to clarify its availability.

The minister’s remarks made following his meeting with the executive team of the project at Microsoft, Ahmed Abdel Latif, Partners Lead at Microsoft, in the presence of officials from the ministry.

Hanafi further added that the new digitalised system would save time and efforts and avoid errors made by humans due to total count on computers. This will result into more profits and savings for companies which will have impressive impact on the country’s economic growth.