Mobily’s Launches Application to Recharge Lines via Mobile Camera

Etihad Etisalat “Mobily” announced the launch of the first mobile application in the world that allows users to recharge their prepaid line via their phone camera.

Known as “Mobily Easy Charge”, The application depends on the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and it was designed for Android mobile devices; where application detects SIM card automatically and recognizes the prefix codes for charging for all Saudi mobile operators; yet still, users owning a non-Saudi SIM card can still use the application.

Mobily explained that this application is available through its online Applications Store; taking into consideration that users will only be asked to enter the recharging code only once to be saved and used later. The application is special for its ease in use; only through three simple steps: first, start running the application, secondly, direct and face your phone camera on to the recharging card and finally, press the recharge button ; noting that the application allows users to inquire about their balance, to ensure the success of the recharging process.

In this regards, Mobily said that launching the “Mobily Easy Charge” application, is part of the company’s strategy to develop a rich industrial environment with applications and developed programs via its application store which contains a large variety of mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, as AMEinfo stated.

The “Mobily Applications Store” was recently honored with “Best Mobile Applications Store” award amongst telecommunications companies in the Middle East; and that the launch of this store is considered to be one of the many significant steps taken by Mobily, to enrich the Arabic content over the internet with applications that suit the Arabic culture and identity.

Mobily has also made it very easy for users to benefit from the content of the store by simply visiting the online website and choosing the preferred application then entering the mobile number and waiting for an SMS reply with a link to the application.