Mohamed Salem: Mobile Prevalence Rate in Egypt Reaches 112%

Dr Mohammed Salem, Minister of Communications declared the increase in the rate of mobile usage saturation within telecommunications sector over the past year, as it reached 112%, in addition to an increase in the number of workers in the global information technology companies by 41%, and in outsourcing sector by 18%.

He assured -during his opening of Cairo ICT 2012 Exhibition that is held under the theme “Technology Spring”- the importance of focusing during this year on communicating  with African nations, in order to develop Communications and information technology sectors; on both local and international levels  Sectors, and he confirmed on the sector’s success of in walking steadily, despite the events and challenges of the year, as the sector successes in the implementation of more than one project to support small and medium enterprises through a strategy that was announced previously to act as a part of national economy.

Salem stressed on the ministry’s direction to support remote and deprived areas, as these areas suffered from being neglected for long periods, especially the Northern Sinai, Nubia, and the new valley, as well as other places, as this strategy aims at supporting these areas with the most advanced technologies, which provide an appropriate environment for all family members, and then becomes a method of community serving, and this process will be executed through training programs on the ways of marketing and promoting local products via internet marketing portals and gates, as well as basic training on information technology and communications, and providing assistance for governmental services.

He added that the ministry have announced -during last November-  the new broadband strategy, which will guarantee the citizen’s right of higher speed – by 4 times- than the currently provided service, and it will also ensure 40,000 job opportunities.