NBE Detects Three Credit Card Fraud Gangs

Retail Banking Fraud Detection Department at National Bank of Egypt (NBE) has detected an Egyptian criminal organization and two African ones.

NBE together with police agency and Public Funds Investigation Department discovered that the criminals are using fraud Citi Bank-USA and Chase Bank-USA credit cards in buying transactions of NBE and that caused harm to all banks in Egypt.

One of the criminals was detected after using ID numbers making NBE suspicious. Accordingly, Public Funds Investigations Department officials detained the criminal after acquiring EGP 8980 and EGP 1450 with fraud credit cards. Afterwards the mastermind of the gang was caught. Investigations department reached the apartment in which fraud cards were being made.

In addition, an African criminal was caught after using fraud credit cards in Carrefour and two Nigerians were also caught after it was proved that they used fraud credit cards.