Number of Private Funds Reaches 351 with 36.2bln EGP Credits

Fayza Abu El Naga – Minister of planning and international cooperation- said that the number of private funds has reached 351 funds, with total net credits of 36 billion and 200 million EGP, pointing out that there are 4 other private funds being investigated regarding their relatives, and the total amounts in them is 8 billion EGP.

Abo el Naga said – at a press conference held after the cabinet meeting chaired by Dr. Kamal Ganzoury on Wednesday – that processes of research and investigation are being held currently, in coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the central bank, adding that the Ganzoury’s government is the first government asking for a total count of these funds and money inside them, as well as the size of funding and who are benefiting from them.

The minister pointed out that there is a temporary employment listed on these funds, and getting their salaries from these funds.

The minister said that the government did not get a single penny of these funds, and no minister has got any amounts of these funds, and if anyone knows anything other than this, he can give the evidence to the prosecution and the General.