Only national committee has the right to let us go: Ahly’s Taher

President of Al-Ahly FC Mahmoud Taher said on Sunday in a press conference held to release ahly board steps after facing court ruling to dissolve Ahly board last week.

“Only the club committee has the right to let us go and we demand government officials to disclose who has been causing administrative irregularities in the elections which have lead to this problem. We have notified the national prosecutor and have shown all cases so we can retain justice for Ahly’s board besides the club committee,” he said.

“We had this press conference to show and explain what our next steps in the upcoming period would be; we have complete respect for Egyptian judiciary. On the other hand, we hold all our possible legitimate rights to keep the wellbeing of the club committee.”

The court said the administrative irregularities in club elections were committed during the Al-Ahly club elections in 2014, which ushered in a new board led by Taher.

Source: Reuters