Orange Egypt sponsors Enactus 2016 competition for university students

For the ninth year in a row, Orange Egypt announced its participation in Enactus Egypt competition for development projects as a diamond Sponsor.

Orange Egypt in cooperation with Enactus Egypt are launching a special competition in the field of community projects where students implement developing projects throughout the academic year aiming to enable and raise the standards of living and quality of life for individuals.

35 public and private universities will compete in this year’s edition. Contesting teams submitted their projects to a jury of judges including 14 officials and 10 volunteer coordinators from Orange in addition to a number of high-profile businessmen in Egypt.

The British University in Egypt won the first place followed by Ismailia University, Beni Suef University, Sohag University, and Kafrelsheikh University respectively. Moreover, Orange Egypt has been awarded two prizes for taking responsibilities of Enactus annual training on leadership skills for 2015.

Sherif Hanna, Orange Egypt Chief People and Compliance Officer, Human Resources and Corporate Support, expressed his company’s honor to sponsor such an event.

He asserted that Egyptian youths need the support of major companies like Orange Egypt to step up their steps into the labor market.

He added: “there is nothing more important than the opportunity to get good education, and therefore we pay great interest in supporting education and training sector in all fields and put them on our priorities in order to create a new generation of leaders that are able to keep up with the changes of life and its challenges. Orange’s support for development activities confirms the success of the company’s policy to invest in the future of Egypt represented by the Youth. He added that Orange is honored to continue to support and develop the skills of young people and rehabilitation for the labor market in various ways and participate in any success or accomplishment achieved by the Egyptians at all levels.”

Orange Egypt initiated Youth Foundation in 2008 to support youth education and development, open career opportunities & equip youth with the required business skills that empower them for promising career paths; this is done through introducing new initiatives in partnership with a wide pool of local educational entities, non-profit organizations, and multinational agencies operating in the Egypt and students activities.​​