Ebied’s Government Accused of Wasting 30 billion EGP

Engineer Ebrahim Abu Ouf – President of housing committee in the Parliament- declared that former Atef Ebied’s government was involved in wasting more than 30 billion EGP through underground infrastructure and waste water projects.

Abu Ouf said that the state needs to provide 20 billion EGP to finish delivering and connecting waste water networks to all parts of the states.

Abu Ouf added that a meeting with Dr. Mohamed El Baradiee – Minister of Housing – is scheduled to be held within this week, in order to determine the most prior projects in governorates, which witnessed the execution of sewage networks previously, although these networks have not been operated for more than 30 years, so the meeting’s will be concerned mainly on maintain and operating these halted networks, before launching new sewage projects, which cost is estimated to reach 20 billion EGP, as Abu Ouf confirmed that cost of maintenance for old networks; is higher than the cost of establish new networks.