Printing Chamber, Industrial Modernisation to qualify 50 Egyptian printing houses

Egyptian Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries is adopting a project to qualify 50 printing houses in cooperation with Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC), chamber’s Chairman Khalid Abdo said Wednesday.

Abdo made these remarks during a conference organized by the chamber on Wednesday to announce the strategy of printing sector.

Ha added that the chamber has initially chosen ten printing houses to start training and qualifying them then applying the programmes on the other 40.

The chairman stated that chamber’s strategy is focusing on the educational and training side since the qualification programmes start by schools specialised in printing field.

Abdo clarified that printing sector is to get qualified labour within the upcoming period since there are three printing schools in Cairo and another one in Mansoura in addition to the approach of private firms to establish more schools.

Moreover, the chairman noted that those schools are teaching curriculums that have been made to suit the current needs of the market.