Procter and Gamble siezes 42 % of Egypt’s paper products exports

Procter and Gamble (P&G) has captured 42 percent of Egypt’s paper products exports between January-November 2015 to register 999.5 million Egyptian pounds (US$127.7million), a report showed Thursday.

The report, released by Chemical Export Council (CEC), showed that P&G has topped the list of paper products exporters since its exports have reached 108.7 million pounds during November 2015.

The report showed that Egypt’s exports of paper products  declined by 8 percent in 2015 to record 2.8 billion Egyptian pounds, from 3 billion in 2014.

Coming in the second position, Interstate Paper Industries Company captured 456.4 million pounds worth of paper exports in 2015,  followed by Al Sendian for Paper Industry that got exports of 218 .2 million pounds.

Mintra- Misr for Industry and Trade ranked fourth with exports worth 173.6 million pounds by the end of November 2015 while El Bardi Paper Mill Co.(Fine) was in the fifth place with 119 million pounds worth of exports.

Hayat Egypt Hygienic Products S.A.E came sixth with exports estimated at 95.3 million pounds, then the Mediterranean Tissue Mill whose exports recorded 85.3 million pounds.

According to the report, Turkey was the largest importer of Egypt’s paper products in 2015 with 1.7 billion pounds, seizing 30 %. Following Turkey, Saudi Arabia imports of Egyptian paper products hit 695 million pounds, followed by Belgium (606.9  million) and Iraq  (520.7 million pounds).