PSAD Solely Tops NILEX’s Trading

During Sunday’s trading, NILEX’s listed shares have witnessed unsteady performance after trading in 7 securities in which 1 rose and 3 downed; while 3 others kept their previous levels.

NILEX’s upwards was solely topped by Port Saied for Agricultural Development & Construction (PSAD) which went up 4.58% to close at L.E 7.30. The value traded worth L.E 238.704 thousand distributed to 32.700 thousand securities executed over 29 transactions.

BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP) slumped 4.51% to close at L.E 3.81 having value traded worth L.E 132.806 thousand through volume reached 34.900 thousand securities executed over 41 transactions.

Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI) dropped 3.95% to close at L.E 1.46 having values traded of L.E 21.942 thousand; while the volume traded recorded 15.000 thousand securities executed over 4 transactions.

Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP) fell 3.34% to close at L.E 50.97 having the traded value reached L.E 401.232 thousand with a volume of trades reached 7.872 thousand securities executed over 26 transactions.

Keeping their previous levels, El-Badr Plastic Co. (EBDP) closed at L.E 6.61, AMICO Medical Industries ended at L.E 15.50, and finally Univert for Food Industries (UNFO) ended trading at L.E 1.27.