“Egypt Expo” online portal will be launched this month:Qabil

Egypt’s Trade and Industry Minister Tarek Qabil said that the demo version of the online portal “Expo Egypt” will be launched in the current month.

Expo Egypt will be an electronic platform that includes studies and information about the foreign market to connect exporters with importers, develop a number of logistic centers in the targeted markets and continue the activities of the Green Trade Initiative (GTI),  the minister said.

Qabil  further added that the current year will witness implementing sustainable developmental projects for the exporters in coordination with UNDP in order to develop the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

The ministry also is planning to  host the first exhibition on boasting the intra-trade with Africa in Cairo, Qabil added.

The minister’s remarks were based on a report he received on the future plan of the Export Development Authority (EDA) as well as performance indicators during 2017.

There will be also Export Coaching which aims at providing technical support services and training to qualify the exporters and develop new training programs in the field of foreign trade so as to serve the Egyptian firms and back their endeavors to enter foreign markets, the minister underlined.