Resuming negotiations an asset for to realise political solution in Syria

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The Syrian Tomorrow Current and National Coordination Body for Democratic Change Forces called for the resumption of the political negotiating process – without preconditions and non-stop – until the completion of a political solution in Syria, according to the Geneva 1 and the relevant international resolutions.

In a statement after taking part in a joint meeting in Cairo Sunday, between delegations from the National Coordination Body, headed by the general coordinator Hassan Ismail Abdel Azim, and the Tomorrow Current chaired by Ahmed Assi al-Jarba. Both sides discussed the situation in Syria, the battle of Aleppo, the risks and dangers which threaten Syria’s unity and its territorial sovereignty due to the continuation of regime’s corruption, oppression, authoritarianism, and repression of freedoms.

They also sought radical solutions to issues of mutual concern to Syria such as monopolizing power approach, and the continuation of imposing control of Aleppo by the regime and its allies. Both two political parties and forces discussed means of implementing Geneva 1 statement on Syria and the relevant international resolutions.

During their meeting, they also warned of continuing such practices that may lead to the division of Syria. All arab countries should support democratic change in Syria to achieve the ambitions the Syrian people aspire for such as freedom, dignity and social justice, and building a civil decentralised state.

The statement stressed that the fight against terrorism and extremism as well as committing to the political solution are two national indespensible necessities, calling upon parties concerned to work hard to unite the efforts, visions and common positions of all the national democratic opposition forces.

It also affirmed the importance of abiding by the outcomes of the Syrian opposition conference held in Cairo. The parties concerned should also commit to the resolutions of the revolutionary forces and the opposition meeting in Riyadh, particularly reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis in a bid to resolve it.

They should strengthen efforts to expand their participation in the political negotiating process so as to find a way out for the conflicting disputes in Syria.