Returning Verdict on “Ruining CDs convict Mubarak & Al-Adly” Appeal on June 25

Court of Criminal Appeal in Al Zaher headed by Judge Mohamed Al Ashraf adjourned the appeal submitted by Maj. Gen. Hussein Moussa, former director of communications sector in Central Security, about issuing 2 years sentence against him, till June 25. He was accused of ruining the criminal evidences of killing the protestors’ case.

The prosecution had referred Moussa to urgent trial, after convicting him with ruining the CDs on which the orders, between Al-Adly and 6 of his assistance, of shooting the protestors had registered. These CDs also have pictures for running over the protestors by the central security forces, and the police tanks caused in killing them.

Moussa is one of four officers who have been called for testimony in the third session since the trial of the toppled president has started in last August. The general prosecution convicted him with deleting the phone calls of  the chamber of central security forces and  some of connected officers bureaus; this during the period from January 21 to March 5 in 2011.