Russia seeks strategic alliance with Egypt to build silos

Russian trade representative in Egypt Fedor A. Lukashin suggested to create strategic alliance and investment partnership with Egypt in the field of logistic services.

This comes during the meeting of Egyptian supply minister Khaled Hanafy with Lukashin on Monday to discuss enhancing economic and commercial relations between Egypt and Russia.

The alliance targets building grinders and silos to store wheat and grains in the set-to-be-established Damietta logistics centre.

During the meeting, Lukashin asked to sign cooperation protocol with the Egyptian ministry, clarifying that there would be joint projects with Egypt in engineering and steel fields in addition to another industries.

Lukahin pointed out that a number of Egyptian-Russian meetings are set to be held at the end of January in Sharm El Sheikh to discuss means of enhancing economic and commercial bilateral relations. The meetings will be held in the presence of Russian industry minister.

On other side, minister Hanafy welcomed the alliance with Russia, adding that Egypt is welcoming the joint cooperation with other countries notably Russia in all fields.