sandstorms, heavy rain, lightning and thunder strike Egypt

A sandstorm hit the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian governorates followed by heavy rains, lightning and thunder on Sunday evening, with weather still unstable across the country.

The sandstorms were reported in Greater Cairo as well as other governorates, limiting visibility for drivers.

The sudden sandstorms were followed by heavy rains and strong winds amid thunder and lightning, after days of unseasonable hot temperatures.

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority predicted that temperatures would start decreasing on Monday, with the continuing of sand-stirring winds, state news agency MENA reported.

Rain is also expected in Cairo and the country’s North Coast.

Cairo will see highs of 23 degrees Celsius and lows of 16 degrees, down from the highs of 32 degrees recorded on Sunday.

The coastal city of Alexandria will witness highs of 22 and lows of 15 degrees Celsius.

Source: Ahram Online