Saudi Ambassador’ s Spouse Organizes a Spring Festival for Children with Special Needs

The Spouse of the Saudi Ambassador in Cairo, Ms. Omaya Yousef Kaki, said “children with special needs require the utmost care and attention, in order to help them utilize the great creative abilities and skills that Allah, All Mighty, have endowed them with”.  Mrs. Kattan also emphasized the need to integrate SN children within their societies, and to help them unleash their potentials.

Mrs. Kattan held a spring fun day for SN children in

Al-Jazeera Sports Club, in cooperation with the General Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides. “SN Children have considerable intelligence, abilities and cognitive skills, which only require special treatment to be externalized and demonstrated”, she added.

Mrs. Kattan impressively enjoyed a brilliant talent show, which featured the best of the SN artistic and creative talents. The event also included a marionette performance, a musical band, in addition to a sports show. During the day-long entertainment event, Mrs. Kattan spent the whole time with the joyful SN children, sharing care and love, playing and chatting with them, from the early hours of the morning until 6 p.m.

Children, from Six disability-related organizations, took place in the event, including Friends of the talented, Arab Foundation  for Development, Model Center for Intellectual Education, Aziz al-Masry School for Mentally Retarded Students, Bright Future  Foundation  in Shubra Al-Khaimah, and the Child Academy for Training and Development.

Mrs. Kattan received a briefing from the social workers who accompanied the children, about their needs and the services rendered to them by their hosting organizations and institutions. The social workers also informed Mrs. Kattan about the educational and pedagogical programs that are offered to the children, as well as the efforts to integrate them in the surrounding society.

After concluding the fun day, Mrs. Kattan offered gifts to all the children, and pledged to organize regular entertainment events for them. She highlighted the great value of charitable childcare in the orthodox teachings of Islam, especially as the noble Prophet, Muhammad, PBUH, enjoined us to provide them with the best care and support.