Saudi Hashtag “Egyptian Changed My Life”

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can contribute to connecting between different countries and overcoming political crisis.

Amid the repercussions of the Saudi Arabia’s decision over shutting its embassy and consulates in Egypt Saturday and recalling its ambassador following protests over detaining Ahmed Al Gezawi in KSA, Saudi Arabic-language hashtag has been launched Sunday morning on Twitter named #Egyptian Changed My Life#.

As soon as the hashtag was made, a large number of Egyptian and Saudi Twitter followers including media figures, university professors, and writers have rushed to tweet on this hashtag.

Twitter followers  started to mention some Egyptian figures who had inspired them and changed their lives. Some of those figures were religious such as Sheikh Muhammad Metwally El-Shaarawy,  Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al-Hussary, and Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, some others were literary such as Aisha Abd al-Rahman – Daughter of the Riverbank, Ihsan Abdel Quddous and Naguib Mahfouz; while others preferred to select Umm Kulthum and Abdel Halim Hafez as Egyptians changed their lives. Additionally, some followers tended to mention Sheikh Emad Effat, Mena Danial and Khaled Saeed as revolutionary Egyptian figures changed their lives.

Some of Tweets on this Hashtag were:

–         “Saudi and Egyptian following this hashtag represent the Youth of the Arab Spring.” Dr. Ghazi Al Shammary.

–         “I have learned how to read and write and knew by heart the first chapter of the Holy Quran by the hands of my Egyptian teachers”

–         “I believe that the person who had made the #Egyptian Changed My Life# hashtag is the #Saudi Changed My Life# for everyone.” Farid Mohamed Ragab.

–         “Egyptains have taught me how to smile during hardships.”