Spy network seek to attack Kuwait security

An espionage network is working on bringing down the political regime in Kuwait, a Kuwaiti lawmaker has claimed.

MP Abdullah Al Tariji said that he received “explosive information” that the spy ring working on changing the regime was linked with similar networks in Bahrain and other Gulf countries, Kuwaiti media reported on Wednesday.

He said that the information was included in a detailed report he received from “someone with links to a group working on undermining Kuwait’s internal security.”

The Kuwait network is led by a lawyer who uses his Twitter account to attack the rulers of the Gulf. Its members include Kuwaiti nationals and foreigners with links to Yasser Al Habeeb, a London-based self-exiled controversial religious figure, Al Tariji said.

The MP said that he would hand over the report to the interior minister and urged the competent authorities to exert greater efforts to preserve internal security.

The ruling family should also be aware of attempts to exploit its differences to bring down the regime, he said. Al Tariji said that the network in Bahrain failed to change the political regime after it was unable to infiltrate the ministries of interior, defence and information.

However, he said that, based on the information he read in the report, the situation in Kuwait was different and that the Kuwaiti network had a series of links.

The lawmaker referred to the caution call issued by the Emir about the existence of internal and external threats and said that Kuwaitis needed to be vigilant about attempts by espionage networks to undermine their country’s security, according to Gulf News.