Transport ministry starts executing Cairo Metro Line 3 phase III next September

The execution processes at the third phase of Cairo Metro Line three is scheduled to start next September with total cost of 2 billion Egyptian pounds (US$225 million).

Egypt’s Transport Minister Galal El-Saeed stated Monday that the third phase is set to include 15 stations notably; El-Attaba, Embaba, Doki, Bolak Al-Dakror , and Cairo University, with total length of 17.7 km.

According to project’s studies, the third phase is scheduled to be finished during four years to start operation by September 2020, the minister clarified.

The third phase would be executed over three parts; the first part extends from Attaba to Al-Kit Kat with a total length of 4 Km , it comprises (4) tunnel stations ( Naser – Maspyro – Al-Zamalek – Al-Kit Kat) .

The second part extends from  Al-Kit Kat to Rod EL-Farag station , passing through Embaba area , with a total length of 6.6 Km ,this part comprises (6)  stations ( one tunnel station , one surface station and 4 elevated station ).

Meanwhile, the third part extends from  Al-Kit Kat to Cairo university , passing through  Al-Mohandseen and Bolak El-Dakror areas with a total length of 7.2 Km . This part comproses (5) stations ( 3 tunnels stations , one elevated station and one a surface station).