Uber fares in Egypt increase for a second time in 7 months

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company Uber is reportedly increased its base fare prices in Egypt to start at 7  Egyptian pounds ($0,397) for the second time since July last year. 

For an average UberX ride, the base fare has been raised from 6 to 7 and the 1.85 pounds per kilometre has been raised to 2 pounds.

“The aim of the fare increase is to maintain a sustainable living for Uber drivers while ensuring that our riders continue to move around their cities with affordable, efficient and safe rides,” an official in Uber Egypt told Amwal Al Ghad on Wednesday.

As for UberSELECT rides, the base fare prices are at 10 pounds and the price per kilometer is 2.5 pounds. 

The minimum fare was set at 10 pounds and 15 pounds for the standard and premium services, respectively.

Uber says that its average UberX ride in Cairo remains more affordable than other ride-hailing apps, despite the new price increase.