VIVA Launches New Enhancements to Internet Service

VIVA, Kuwait’s newest and advanced mobile telecommunications service provider, announced new enhancements to Kuwait’s fastest internet service, which delivers data at speeds of up to 42.2 Mbps

VIVA’s 42.2 Mbps internet plan allows customers to enjoy a reliable, quick browsing and download service at home or even while them are on the move more easily than ever before.

VIVA’s 42.2Mbps can be bought from any of VIVA’s 14 branches, together with VIVA’s all new high speed internet USB modem.

Internet users can enjoy up to 42.2Mbps as maximum internet speed and 7.2Mbps as minimum speed. VIVA’s unbeatable network speed allows customers to choose the price and package that suits them most.

Should customers exceed their free data usage, they can still stream through the internet and access social media websites as well as chatting freely and be charged only for the excess they use.
VIVA’s CEO, Mr. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Badran said: “VIVA has always taken pride in its high speed and reliable internet services. Our network, which covers all regions in Kuwait, has now been upgraded so that our customers can benefit from the latest mobile broadband technologies as well as addressing the increasing demand from them for high internet speed. It is our goal to meet our customers’ every expectation and to lead the development of the telecommunications sector in Kuwait in doing so.”

VIVA is the newest, advanced mobile telecommunications service provider in Kuwait. Launched in December 2008, VIVA makes things Possible for our customers by transforming communication, information and entertainment experiences, as AMEinfo stated.

The company has rapidly established an unrivalled position in the market through our customer and employee centric approach. VIVA’s quest is to be the mobile brand of choice for Kuwait by being transparent, engaging, energetic and fulfilling.

VIVA is growing its share of the market by offering an innovative range of best value products, services and content propositions, a state of the art nationwide network, and world-class service.

VIVA is able to offer internet speed up to 42.2Mbps due to its investment in developing Kuwait’s most advanced third generation (3G and HSDPA) network. This delivers superior coverage, performance and reliability.