Voters across the UK are changing their minds about Brexit, says latest poll

Voters are changing their minds about leaving the European Union, a new poll has suggested.

A YouGov survey found that only 42 per cent of respondents think it is right to leave the EU, compared with 47 per cent who think it is wrong. This is the biggest gap in favour of remaining in the EU since the referendum in June last year.

The poll of 1,680 people across the UK, also detected some remorse among leave voters. It found that 86 per cent of those who voted leave thought they made the right decision, while 7 per cent said they were wrong and 7 per cent said they didn’t know.

The biggest gap was among female voters. Asked whether the UK was right or wrong to vote for Brexit, 49 per cent of women said it was wrong, compared with 40 per cent who said it was right.

Almost two-thirds of those polled thought the negotiations were going badly.

The poll was conducted earlier this week against a backdrop of developments about growing tension in the government over Brexit. But it was held before the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned that there was a “disturbing deadlock” in the negotiations to leave the bloc.

It was also carried out before leaked documents, obtained by Irish broadcaster RTE revealed EU leaders regarded UK ministers approach to Brexit as chaotic.

The internal Irish government paper documents EU figures’ scathing assessments of cabinet members such as Brexit Secretary David Davis.

A Czech minister is quoted as describing Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as “unimpressive”. The minister also warned of “political confusion” about the UK Government’s approach to leaving the EU.

source: The National