Google Doodle commemorates late Egyptian actor Naguib El-Rihani

Father of Egyptian comedy Naguib Ilyas El-Rihani, also called Kishkisk Bey for the role he played early in his career, was born on 21 January 1889 in the Bab El Shereya area of Cairo to an Iraqi father and Egyptian mother. El-Rihani passed away on 8 June 1949 and now, on his 127th birthday, Google commemorates the iconic actor with a Doodle.

Many critics referred to El-Rihani as “the Charlie Chaplin of the East” for his comedy skills, his contribution to the arts, as well as his simple background and his family’s financial struggles.

El-Rihani completed his studies at Les Freres French School in Cairo and then worked at the Agriculture Bank, and later on in Sugar Company in Nagaa Hamady.

He always dreamed of becoming an actor and was finally discovered by his fellow friend, the director and actor Aziz Eid. He immediately became a known comedian, despite the fact that he loved tragedy.

El-Rihani’s approach to theatrical arts has repositioned Egypt’s theatre, attracting attention and respect from every social stratum.

In 1920, he established his own theatrical group and together with his lifelong friend and work partner, Badeih Khairy, began adapting several iconic French theatre plays to the Egyptian stage and then to cinema. He also wrote plays and film scripts.

El-Rihani worked with many talents and cooperated with the famous musician Sayed Darwish in the newly developed musical theatre. He had a great influence on many Egyptian theatre and cinema actors. Renowned comedy actor Foad El Mohandes (1924-2006) always emphasized El-Rihani’s effect on him and his style in acting.

Among his many memorable roles are those in Sidi Omar (1941), Salama fi Khair (1938), and Ghazal El-Banat (When Girls Flirt).

Google has often devoted its Doodle to anniversaries, shedding light on many famous international events and figures. Google Doodle is a temporary alteration of its logo on its homepage.

Doodles have on several occasions been related to Egypt: actor and filmmaker Farid Shawqi, director Youssef Chahine, authors Sohair El-Qalamawy and Latifa Al-Zayyat, Tahia Halim, Egypt-based singer of Syrian origins Asmahan, among others.

source: Ahram Online