10.000 New Jobs in 50 Egyptian Industrial Firms Offered in March: Egypt

Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour , Minister of Industry and Trade announced that the 10th Employment Forum, rehabilitation will be launched and it is schedule to include 4 governorates such as Sohag, Ad Daqahliyah, Minya and Alexandria and this in accordance with Industrial Training Council (ITC) which affiliated to the Ministry and youth ministry further.

It aims to provide 10K job opportunities and to let the youths to find jobs and in 50 firms across the various industrial sectors.

Abdel Nour said this formula comes in the frame work of the ministry’s strategy for providing the technical training for the workers who are employing in several productive sectors and this through the ITC in addition to the supervision of the training programs that affiliated to the ministry.

Abd El Nour said the country has to be awareness regarding the importance of the artwork and provide decent jobs for youths in order to  provide for  them with a decent life and ensure the continuity of wheel rotation production because of its positive impact for stability of society and the growth of intellectual, economic, pointing to the importance of asking many of the initiatives either through the relevant ministries or the private sector to encourage and guide youths to work within the sectors and during the next phase, which includes decent jobs and salaries.

Abdel Nour explained that an overall development will be within a few upcoming days to establish unified entity inside the industry ministry under the name of National Authority for Industrial Training.

Furthermore, it seeks to put unified policies and programs for the Vocational and technical training so as to boost the quality of training services and to make the best use of human resources.

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