1st Egyptian National Youth conference kicks off next week

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s office announced that the country’s First National Youth conference will kick off next Tuesday for three days in Sharm El-Sheikh.

It will be held under the auspices of the president with nearly 3000 Egyptian youth from different fields set to participate in an open forum to discuss current issues as well the future of the country.

Earlier on Thursday, the first promo of the conference was released online and its website was launched.

The youth will come from different fields, sectors and governorates and 300 officials will attend as well as other public figures, the president’s office said.

The conference will include more than 23 public discussion sessions involving political, social, economic, cultural, sports and entrepreneurship.

The conference will also include at least eight workshops.

The ads and billboards of the conference have been seen lately in Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh.

A group of political parties also declared their participation in the conference including the Free Egyptian Party, The Wafd Party and The Conference Party.

Part of the umbrella group of liberal and leftist parties, the Pro-Democratic current announced that it would hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss whether they would participate in the conference or not.

The conference will be supervised by the president’s office and depends on the presidential leadership programme to qualify youth for leadership that was launched in January.

The Egyptian president has already called 2016 as the year of Egyptian youth.

Source: Ahram Online