60 million Egyptians see supply data updated, 10 million left: minister

Egypt’s Minister of Communications Yasser El-Kady said in a press conference Saturday that 60.3 million Egyptians who benefit from food subsidies have been registered and their data updated on the Ministry of Supply’s smart system, state news agency MENA reported.

According to El-Kady, around 10 million beneficiaries are still left and have a chance til 30 June to update their data.

The minister also stressed the importance of updating the database of supply cards to guarantee subsidies go to those deserving.

The new database system will connect the Ministry of Supply data to all other state databases.

Egypt introduced the electronic smart card system in 2014 for citizens to receive subsidised food, though many continue to use old paper cards that are not registered in the new system.

Around 71 million people use the government’s subsidy cards to buy essential foodstuffs, according to the Ministry of Supply.

Following the bread crisis that struck some of the country’s governorates in March, the supply ministry said it will be distributing 100,000 electronic subsidy cards to citizens in eight governorates.

Source: Ahram online

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