A 99-year-old veteran raises around $15 million for UK healthcare workers

Tom Moore, 99-year-old World War II veteran has managed to raise around £12.5 million ($15.6 million) for workers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to help in their battle against the coronavirus pandemic.
With the help of a walking frame, Moore completed 100 lengths of his backyard, which is 25 metres (82 feet) long. He was planning to walk the distance before turning 100 years old next week and completed the challenge well ahead of time by doing 10 laps a day.
Moore decided to take on the challenge after receiving treatment from the NHS for skin cancer and a broken hip, praising healthcare workers for their “patience” and “kindness” in a local TV interview.
He initially aimed to fundraise £1,000 ($1,257), but he smashed his target by receiving around $10 million in donations in just a few days.
To date, there have been 99,489 confirmed coronavirus cases and 12,868 deaths in the UK, according to latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

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