African Printing Union to be launched in January 2017: Egypt’s FEI

The African Union for Printing and Packaging is set to be launched in January 2017, Head of Printing and Packaging Chamber at Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) stated Thursday.

Khaled Abdou stated that the union is scheduled to be launched on the sidelines of Egypt’s first exhibition for latest technologies in printing and packaging industries that would take place on 26-29 January 2017.

In a press conference, the official stated that more than 300 African firms are set to be invited to take part in the exhibition that eyes new investment opportunities in printing and packaging field between Egypt and African states.

The conference was attended by commercial plenipotentiaries of a number of African states.

Abdou added that the union targets maximising all potentials available in the African states and boosting intra-trade between member states.

The first Board of Director (BoD) of the union would be announced during the exhibition, the head clarified, adding that the BoD is set to encompass 15 members.

Moreover, the exhibition would encompass local and African products as well as printing and packaging machines from India, China, and any other African states, head Abdou pointed out.