Arab Contractors Implementing Projects In 3 African Countries Up $ 361 Mln

 The Arab Contractors Company is implementing large construction projects in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Chad worth around US$360.9 million.

Eng. Mohsen Salah, Chairman of Arab Contractors, has stated that the main reason for implementing these projects is the strong relationship between the ministers of some African countries and Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab, Minister of Housing, Utilities, to expand the joint cooperation between the Egyptian  and African construction companies.

Salah said the company will implement two projects in Equatorial Guinea with US$129.3 million. The first project is the Ombeni Road Project, however the second, is a military camp in Mongomo City.

The company as well will implement two projects in Cameroon worth around US$113.6 million for the Yaoundé Nsimalen road and the rehabilitation of Dja-et-Lobo roads in Sangmélima. The Massakory – Ngouri project in Chad has been awarded to the Arab Contractors Company, valued at US$118 million.

Saleh has thanked these countries, and other countries in Africa, which confirmed its confidence in the Arab Contractors Company in this period, stressing that the company will exert effort to implement these projects with the required speed and high quality in order to preserve its reputation all over Africa and the region.

Eng. Ashraf  Rateb, the Company’s Board Member, has asserted that the step of Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab to welcome 22 ambassadors of 22 African countries, after directly taking over the responsibility, has had a significant positive impact that led to discuss cooperation between Egypt and these countries.

Moreover, the letters sent by the Egyptian minister to the ministers of 10 African countries, including Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad, have had a good impact on these officials.

Mahlab has a special direct relationship with the presidents of African countries since he took over the responsibility of the Arab Contractors Company, these countries including Cameroon, Chad and Equatorial Guinea.” He added.

He also noted that the correspondence with the officials of these countries and to meet with their ambassadors, was set by the officials of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aiming to open African markets to the Egyptian contracting companies, assuring that it is expected to be assigned to the Egyptian companies to support other projects in Africa, especially that most of these countries are experiencing a real development in the current stage.