Asian Stock Markets briefing 03/03/2023

The Asian stock markets witnessed a remarkable incline in the majority of its main indices in the different markets. The Chinese main index Shanghai (SSEC) inclined by a percentage of 0.54 percent to close at 3,328.39. The index opened at 3,314.77, to record a high value of 3,330.60 and a day low value of 3,302.62.

The Nikkei 225 (N225), Japan’s main index, climbed by a percentage of 1.56 percent to 27,927.47. The index opened at 27,683.26, reaching a high value of 27,961.21 and a day low value of 27,655.34.

The Hang Seng Index (HSI), Hong Kong’s main index, inclined by a percentage of 0.68 percent. The index reached a value of 20,567.54, when it opened at 20,703.14. The index recorded a high value of 20,727.25 and a day low value of 20,498.16.


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