Asian Stock Markets briefing 28/02/2023

The Asian stock markets relatively inclined on Tuesday after its drop the day before. The Chinese main index Shanghai (SSEC) by 0.66 percent to 3,279.61. The opening value was 3,265.74, with a day low of 3,246.14 and a day high of 3,280.42.

The Japanese main index Nikkei 225 (N225) incline by 0.08 percent to reach a value of 27,445.56, when it opened with 27,423.96. The day’s high value was 27,585.17 and the low value was 27,400.36.

The Hang Seng Index (HSI), Hong Kong’s main index, dropped by -0.79 percent, to 19,785.94. The highest value recorded was 20,185.05, and the lowest recorded value was 19,783.07.

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