Badei’s Journey of Despise In City Stars!

I can’t have a logic explanation for rebuking the Muslim Brotherhood Guide by a young man, where he was in Chili’s restaurant at City Stars Mall in Nasr City. The young man lashed out at Badei for having lunch in an American restaurant.

We (as Egyptian people) lacked the politeness’ limits in dealing with our lords and masters. What is wrong if the MB Guide has lunch in a normal place, even if this place is an American restaurant? It is not a big deal, as it is known that all your stuff is made in USA … your weapon is American… your decision is American… your history is American… your movies are American… your dream is American and even your wisdom is American.

Despite that, the MB Guide merely said “I’m not to respond to you”. This is a simple reaction the Guide could give so that he could protect his high-profile position.

This shows how caring and wise they are (the MBs) and makes me recall Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who visited Al Ta’if (a city in KSA) for affability and support, but he was insulted and stoned. Afterwards, the angel of mountains offered him to blow the mountains over the people of Ta’if. However, Muhammed said “O God! Forgive my people, for they know not”. He rather hoped that “Allah will raise from among their descendants people who will worship Allah the One, and will not ascribe partners to Him (in worship).” Muhammed did not damn them, but sought Allah’s forgiveness for them and prayed for their guidance.

Stop! before saying that there is no way of comparison between the two incidents as the first incident shows the Guide’s contempt towards Egyptians and discrimination against the “less elite” and the second one shows the Prophet’s  mercy upon his assailants and prayer for disbelievers. So, there is definitely no way of comparison here.

It is not even like a comparison between two experiences in biology as how a faction, which has long claimed to be the descendants of the early Muslims, changed. Did the genes witness a mutation along the history? Or the seed of mercy stopped to germinate, despite the Guide’s famous exclamation about plants “What is the guilt of plants?”

The MB Guide’s story with that Egyptian young man may seem meaningless trivia. Yet, it actually conveys a very clear message telling us that after the MBs had been working on monopolizing all the authorities in the country, they do have also firm plans to ‘enslave’ all the Egyptians – who are in the eyes of the MBs, not just simply as elite as the people who are currently holding the reins of power.

The MBs are seeking to enslave the masses in the name of God’s shariah (law) that is very far from their malicious intrigues indeed. God did not order a particular group to reign besides monopolize and despise the nation.

Though the MBs keep working on despising the nation, people remained falling under the brotherhood’s spell going to the polls and voting in favor of the faction’s interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood members must realize that they will never be able to face the anger of the most determined non-MB “Hoi Polloi” Egyptians, even if they recruit the world’s most powerful armies.

The MBs will never gain the majority in the upcoming lower house elections even if they resort to legal and illegal methods.

So the time of MBs’ downfall is running out since they started to scorn and contempt Egypt’s youths and figures and if  we ever try to conclude MBs’ history with the Egyptian people, we won’t remember anything except MBs’ Youth attacking the protestors outside the Egyptian Presidential Palace and the last word of the MB Guide was ‘I am not to respond to you’.

We do not remember any valuable progress for MBs as they have not any serious Islamic project nor renaissance nor owning the Prophet of Mercy Muhammad’s way of talking to tell us wisdom and good advice.