‘Builders of Egypt 2014 Forum’ Allures Major Contractors for Future Strategies

Big 5
  • To be launched on 24-25 November under the patronage of the Egyptian prime Minister.
  • Strong participation of more than 1000 delegates from the construction and real estate development companies and banks involved the Forum on both global and regional level.
  • Announcing the participation of the private sector in New Suez Canal, One Million
  • Housing Units and National Roads Projects.
  • Unparalleled opportunities for business development

CAIRO_ October 26: The First Builders of Egypt forum 2014 to be held under the auspices of the Prime Minister, H.E. Ibrahim Mehlab on two consecutive days 24th and 25th of November 2014 in “Intercontinental City Stars”. The forum is organized by the Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors (EFCBC) and “Excellent Communications” the specialized Public Relations and events managements Agency.

According to Excellent Communications, The largest decision making platform will shed the light on “The Strategy of Reconstruction” amid the presence of government representatives and more than 1000 regional and global delegates of prominent decision makers from construction, building materials, real estate development, and project management sectors. This is in order to exchange experiences and enhance communication with the most prominent pioneers of the construction sector.

It is worth highlighting that statesmen to announce the new investment opportunities in the giant national projects (New Suez Canal, One Million Housing Units, North Coast and National Roads Projects.), in front of the construction sector.

Forum to discuss the proposed scenarios to determine the contribution in solving the problem of facilities, which the country suffers from the lack of it, as well as the presentation of legislation and amendments needed for the construction sector in order to develop the profession technically and organizationally and protect them from harmful practices that affect the quality of construction and the confidence of the community.

The Forum will identify different scenarios to contribute to solving the utilities problem. It will also shed the light on legislation and amendments needed to develop construction sector and protect it from bad practices that reflect on the quality of construction and society confidence.

Builders of Egypt will highlight three important aspects which as the importance and the impact of constructing new road projects with a length of 4,700 km in several governorates during the current period, and the challenges facing the contractors in implementing the road plan and offering solutions, as well as to the required fund for the implementation and the possibility of benefiting from the public-private partnership.

The forum will also discuss number of challenges such as the absence of government support for Construction and Building Contractors over the past three and a half years and how this affected the sector, the uncontrollable prices of construction materials and its impact on the performance of the companies. As well as the government’s delay in payment to contractors. It will also highlight the government assigning projects to specific companies and the impact of this on small businesses and how to face the shortage in qualified and trained labor in Building and construction sector.

And in order to activate the banks’ role in supporting construction sector, the forum will dedicate a special session to discuss the banking sector role as a key player in achieving development through funding the major development projects in the country, and negotiating the banks’ strategies on funding building and construction contractors, in addition to discussing the latest methods of measuring funding risks.

Builders of Egypt 2014 forum will also discuss the most recent global building methods and how to benefit from it in the Egyptian market, in addition to highlighting the most prominent social housing experiences in similar nature countries and how to benefit from prefabricated buildings in the execution of the one million units project as well as qualifying the Egyptian companies to deal with this type of buildings.

And amid the witnessed increase in energy prices, the forum will discuss its negative impact on building materials industry and how to cope with the frequent loose of prices especially with the long term of projects, in addition to the impact of the government decree to impose fees on imported steel.

It also discusses project management companies role in supporting construction market amid the absence of this culture in the Egyptian market, in addition to the principles and scientific foundations of real estate projects management and its application in practice – starting from the idea until the operation phase, the different stages of the project, the workforce collaborating with the project on each stage, and the risks surrounding it in various stages.

In order to raise the technical and expertise levels in building and construction market, the forum will discuss the different methods of qualification and training, and the reasons behind the witnessed retreat in qualified and well trained employment in Egypt, and the impact of this lack of professional workers on the sector’s activity.

And for the first time in construction sector, the forum will include a number of promotional workshops to discuss the latest technological tools of construction and development around the world.

It is worth mention that builders of Egypt 2014 forum will witness for the first time in Egypt “Meet and Greet” sessions as part of the event, through organizing business development meetings between construction companies and different parties including banking sector, building materials companies, and real estate development and investment companies to communicate in order to achieve the maximum benefit.