Cairo Criminal Court Postpones Rashid’s Case Till June 9

In a session held today, North Cairo Criminal Court – headed by counselor Noshy Aziz Boutros and two counselors Mahmoud Al Rashidy and Ismail Awad as well as Secretariats Mohamed Al Senousy and Sobhy Abdel Hamid – decided to handle the former Industry and Trade minister’s, Rashid Mohamed Rashid, grievance, over the decision of Illicit Gains Authority to retain his properties, on June 9th session.

Based on reports and investigations of regulators about inflation of his wealth, the Illicit Gains Authority has decided before to hold Rashid’s properties; referring to his abuse of power. The decision included holding the escaped Rashid’s cash money and real estates.

It was mentioned that the prosecution has transmitted Rashid Mohamed Rashid to the criminal court for willfully wasting public money, unlawfully self gaining and by breaking law. He was given a couple of 5 years sentences in absentia.

The decisions of holding money that issued by judicial authorities (prosecution, Illicit Gains authority and counselors delegated by Justice Minister) considered to be temporary and should be authorized by the specialized criminal court to be permanent; till handling the investigation whether by sending to the criminal court or keeping.

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