Cairo Governorate Prepares Future Scheme “To Invest In Cairo”

 The Governor of Cairo, Dr Osama Kamal, has revealed that the governorate will offer three investment projects through tenders in the coming period, including increasing the maritime transport by 10%, through the PPP by which the governorate is aiming at establishing 15 stations over 55 km from El Kanater Al-Khayreya to Helwan.

The second project is Katameya Recreational Park which aims at doubling recreational parks in Cairo to improve leisure, retail and dining areas. As to the third project, it aims at doubling car parking areas through building the project “Multi-Storey Car Park” in Abbasiya, east Cairo. The Governor also referred that there are negotiations with Disney land, but these negotiations target places out of Cairo governorate.

Dr Osama Kamal stated that “our vision for future aims at making Cairo the leading capital of global tourism, culture, business and science in 2030. This vision, which is based on 6 strategic goals, will be turned into projects, some of them are mentioned above, in the future.