CBC Media Academy Provides Opportunities for Media Work for KidZania® Children

Within a unique experience, CBC channels cooperate with KidZania® Cairo, to discover and support the early media talentsin children. By building CBC’s Television Studio inside KidZania® Cairo, children who are looking forward to work in the media field in the future can start now!

TarekZidan, KidZania® Egypt governor stated “in KidZania® Cairo we were keen to add within different simulation models a TV station model to instill proper basis of media work in children from an early stage”.

Zidan added: the work inside CBC station in KidZania® Cairo is fun and includesan introduction to all production stages of a television program. This allows children to produce the television program in an entertainingeducational form which makes them pass through an unforgettable experience that gives them the chance to express themselves and their ideas freely.

Mohamed Hany, Managing Director of CBC channels, explained that CBC Media Academy inside KidZania® Cairo introduces the children to an integrated approach on how a television program is made starting from the ideas and content preparation till the moment where the audience watches it on television screens. This helps the children to understand the great effortand details exerted in the TV program production process. Children get to choose program content, do the necessary preparations, operate cameras, adjust lighting for shooting, then record the program and broadcast it using the latest technology available. Working inside CBC KidZania® studio allows the children to experience more than one profession such as TV anchors, camera operators, floor managers, sound & light operators and switchers.

It is worth mentioning that KidZania® Cairo is an edutainment park for children aged 4-14 years old providing them with a safe, unique, realistic and educational environment allowing them to do what they like doing naturally –role playing adults’ jobs. Children can play different roles by simulating the adults’ traditional daily activities.

As in the real world, children will choose among various jobs inside KidZania® city and are either paid for their work (as a fireman, doctor, police officer, journalist, shopkeeper, etc..) or they pay for services they receive like shopping or entertainment. Children themselves perform all the financial transactions by using KidZania® currency “KidZos”.

KidZania® Cairo is planned to open in 2013 in New Cairo. The city spans over 8,600m2 of built-up area on two floors. When it opens, KidZania® Cairo is expected to receive between 750,000 to 1 million visitors during its first year of operations.